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Blueberry & Addams Giveaway!



You can enter this giveaway with a chance to earn the complete set. Coat & blouse created by Addams. Shorts,fishnet stockings,socks,& boots created by Blueberry. Fishnet stockings,socks,& boots come in flat & high feet. Each article of clothing can be worn separately, giving you the opportunity to mix & match. The blouse includes beautiful graphic prints. The coat's fur & metals include color options. This collaboration is currently a work in progress. This set will be coming to each store in a few days. The giveaway post was created on February 21, 2019.
Only 5 people will win. The giveaway is on Flickr & FB, giving you more chances to win!
You must fave/like the post & share. Commenting your username is optional, but I highly recommend it to be found quickly, or if your Flickr/FB doesn't contain your Second Life username.
To enter on Flickr, click the photo in this post.   Enter on FB
The Flickr giveaway is only on Addam's Flickr. The FB giveaway is only on Blueberry's FB.
Optional, but I encourage following/adding Blueberry & Addams to show your support. :)
Good luck to you all! Share this post to get the word out. :)

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